Post-Ebola effects include eye infections (with several cases of victims becoming blind), 2 cases of people becoming deaf, some suffered joint and muscle pain, had headaches, stomachaches and even symptoms of depression.

There were also studies that revealed that Ebola virus can remain in the semen of infected men for 18 months or longer, raising the dangers of sexual transmission. The test was conducted on 10 male survivors who gave semen samples, which tested positive for Ebola virus—one of them a full 18 months after falling sick. Researchers are still unsure how long the virus is about to stay at the semen.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), transmission of the Ebola virus from men to women via sex is a strong possibility, but as yet unproven. (2017, 2011)



Sources: 2017 (2011) Ebola’s long-term effects revealed. Available at: (Accessed: 5 February 2017).


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