Ebola is a terrifying virus as it is fatal and also because it comes along with gruesome symptoms, including projectile vomiting, extreme diarrhea and profuse, uncontrolled bleeding.

Recently, there is a study that showed that people are able to get Ebola and be unaware about it. In the report, published in the journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, researchers from the health group Partners In Health (PIH), which gave medical aid during the Ebola outbreak, wanted to know whether there were people who contracted the disease but did not show any symptoms of it. This doubt arose as Dr. Eugene Richardson wondered why would Ebola virus be different from the majority of viruses which were able to infect humans and cause serious illness and death from a asymptomatic infection

Richardson and his co-authors, including PIH co-founder Paul Farmer, tested 187 people in the 900-person village of Sukudu in Sierra Leone for evidence that they had been infected with Ebola. Of the people tested, they found that 14 had Ebola-related antibodies in their blood, which revealed that they have been infected with the virus. What shocked the researchers,  was that none of these 14 people were included in the original tally of 34 local residents who had contracted the virus.

The report suggests that many instances of Ebola transmission between people may have gone unidentified during the outbreak. It also suggests that Ebola has a wider variety of symptoms, which could have implications for how outbreaks are dealt with in the future.(Sifferlin, 2016)

Image result for cartoon virus ebola

Source: Sifferlin, A. (2016). Some People Who Get Ebola Don’t Show Symptoms: Study. Retrieved from http://time.com/4596928/some-people-who-get-ebola-dont-show-symptoms-study/


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