img-1687-13 students (Katherine Jin, Kevin Tyan and Jason Kang) from Columbia University discovered that the transmission of Ebola to medical professionals was due to the way doctors decontaminate. The current best method is to spray environmental suit with bleach and wait for 10 minutes before moving. However, this methods contains many flaws.

There were 3 problems. Firstly, tired doctors do not wait for 10 minutes before removing their robe. Next, droplets are formed when the bleached is sprayed, hence, not the entire suit is sprayed with bleach. Lastly, bleach is not visible,thus, the doctors cannot tell properly if they sprayed the clothing.

The solution created by the same 3 students from Columbia University was “Highlight”, a powerful additive for bleach solution. Highlight is able to reduce the bleach’s tendency to form droplets, covering more surface area. Furthermore, the blue dye is created to gently oxidise with air, evaporating over time (making it visible) (Cooper, 2016)



Sources: Cooper, D. (2016). Blue dye could help keep Ebola doctors safe. Retrieved October 2016, from




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